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Crew of the Death and Gravity by cptmeatman
Crew of the Death and Gravity
Starfleet may be an elite corps of peacekeepers and explorers but every so often, a bad egg slips through. Rejected and disillusioned officers who have grown tired of Federation dogma. So the borders of Federation space finds itself at the mercy of one of it's own vessels, formerly the USS Ithica, a Prometheus Class tactical escort now flying under the banner of pirates who claim freedom from all but the two constants in the universe, Death and Gravity.

Captain L'n'dzy "Lindsey" of Z'ylar -- Commanding Officer -- Female Xenexian

Born in the savage and barren lands of Xenex, L'n'd'zy followed in the footsteps of her people's savior, the Starfleet Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, in joining Starfleet. She proved herself in the division of intelligence, working undercover in a cell of Terran Imperial Starfleet spies until she was caught and tortured. When she was finally free, it was as a jaded and brutal pirate Captain. Born again as a double agent, she led a mutiny against the captain of the Ithica to claim the vessel as her own.

Nausos -- First Mate -- Male Orion

A disgraced member of the Orion Syndicate, Nausos is a deeply spiritual man who prays daily to his ancient ancestors. A student of history, he has done his best to reclaim the technology of the Orions who once rivaled the Fersarians of the First Federation. Captain Lindsey gave him the opportunity he needed, offering him a home and ship in exchange for his contacts and underworld knowledge. The two became fast friends with deep respect and loyalty to one another.

Tosk -- Operations Officer -- Tosk

Bred to be the perfect prey for a race of ritualistic hunters from the Gamma Quadrant, the Tosk known only as Tosk came through the Bajoran wormhole with no past other than the hunt, traveling from ship to ship, eluding the hunters that pursued him with religious fervor. His mind is genetically enhanced with knowledge of dozens of forms of ship technology. He signed on with Captain Lindsey for protection, sick of running day in and day out. 

Doctor Algol -- Medic -- Male Human

Once a Starfleet medical officer injured in battle against the Dominion, he left out of disgust at Starfleet's hypocrisy, seeing it as war mongering while preaching peace. His views and assignments to various remote bases with his crippled leg cost him his family but he found a new family with Captain Lindsey, tending to her crew and their prisoners where he thinks he can actually do some good.

Hiyar -- Tactician -- Male Ferasan

A graduate of the Klingon military academy, Hiyar joined in order to become a warrior that the galaxy would fear but found himself ignored and spat on by the Klingons around him. No matter his skill with a blade or his claws, he was never put in position where he could gain the honor in combat that he so desired. Captain Lindsey gave him that chance during a raid on the Klingon supply depot where Hiyar expected to live out the last of his days. He killed his commander and swore his loyalty to the pirate crew.

V'kayl -- Quartermaster -- Female Human/Romulan 

As a young and idealistic woman, V'kayl sought a career in Starfleet but found herself facing nothing but roadblocks due to her Romulan mother. Despite never having been anywhere Romulan territory, Starfleet was cautious of any potential spies, forcing her to claw her way into enlisting as a clerk thanks to her gifts with numbers and eidetic memory. But with no chance of promotion and superior officers blaming her for every problem, she left in disgust, eventually coming upon Captain Lindsey's crew where she found respect for her talents without suspicion of her heritage. 
Crew of the USS Aventine by cptmeatman
Crew of the USS Aventine
An updated version of an old piece featuring the crew of the Vesta-Class USS Aventine NCC-82602. Additional characters may be added in the future, please feel free to politely recommend additions. 

Captain Ezri Dax -- Commanding Officer -- Female Joined Trill

Commander Samaritan "Sam" Bowers -- First Officer -- Male Human

Lt. Cmdr. Gruhn Helkara -- Chief Science Officer -- Male Zakdorn

Lt. Mikeala Leishman -- Chief Engineer -- Female Human

Lt. Simon Tarses -- Chief Medical Officer -- Male 3/4 Human 1/4 Romulan

Lt. Oliana Mirren -- Chief Operations Officer -- Female Human

Lt. Svetlana Gredenko -- Operations Officer -- Female Human/Rigellian

Lt. Lonnoc Kedair -- Chief of Security/Tactical Officer -- Female Takaran

Lt. Tharp - Chief Flight Controller -- Male Bolian
Starfleet Cadet Uniform Micro Designs 2386-2409 by cptmeatman
Starfleet Cadet Uniform Micro Designs 2386-2409
Cadet Uniforms from the era leading up to the MMO, Star Trek Online for all departments.

Red - Command/Tactical
Gold - Operations/Engineering
Teal - Science/Medical
Blue - Flight Operations
Gray - Intelligence
Purple - Diplomatic Corps
Green - Marine

Interested in making you own micro heroes or just learning how they are made? Check out my guide here:…

Base templates by SpectorKnight used with permission and edited by me. 

You are free to edit and use pieces of my work if credit is given to the source but do not copy and paste or repost without my express permission. Thank you.

And don't forget to follow me on Facebook for even more fancy fun stuff:…

Starfleet Uniform Micro Hero Designs 2386-2409 by cptmeatman
Starfleet Uniform Micro Hero Designs 2386-2409
Another set of Starfleet uniforms. These come from the time leading up to the Star Trek Online MMO. I included the sexy version just in case any lovely young Vulcan ladies are having trouble with Pon Farr. 

Interested in making you own micro heroes or just learning how they are made? Check out my guide here:…

Base templates by SpectorKnight used with permission and edited by me. 

You are free to edit and use pieces of my work if credit is given to the source but do not copy and paste or repost without my express permission. Thank you.

And don't forget to follow me on Facebook for even more fancy fun stuff:…

Crew of the USS Titan by cptmeatman
Crew of the USS Titan
This is the Microhero crew of the USS Titan from the Star Trek Titan novels and Star Trek Destiny novels. 

The Luna class ship was designed by Sean Tourangeau.

My massively redone version, yes, I know that plenty of characters are missing but I figured that I might as well post what I have since I doubt I'll get many more done any time soon. Feel free to politely recommend additional characters from Titan's crew for possible future inclusion. 

Captain William T. Riker -- Commanding Officer -- Male Human

Commander Christine Vale -- First Officer -- Female Human

Lt. Cmdr. Fo Hachesa -- Officer of the Watch -- Male Kobliad

Commander Tuvok -- Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer -- Male Vulcan

Commander Deanna Troi -- Ship's Counselor and Diplomatic Officer -- Female Betazoid/Human

Commander Xin Ra-Havreii -- Chief Engineer -- Male Efrosian

Doctor Shenti Yisec Eres Ree -- Chief Medical Officer -- Male Pahkwa-thanh

Lieutenant Alyssa Ogawa -- Head Nurse -- Female Human

Lieutenant Sariel Rager -- Chief of Operations -- Female Human

Ensign Zurin Dakel -- Operations Officer -- Male Cardassian

Lieutenant JG Aili Lavena -- Flight Controller -- Female Pacifican

Lt. Cmdr. Ranul Keru -- Chief of Security -- Male Trill

Lieutenant Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa -- Security Officer -- Andorian Shen

Lt. Cmdr. Melora Pazlar -- Chief Science Officer -- Female Elaysian

Ensign Y'lira Modan -- Cryptolinguist -- Selenean "Female"

Chief Petty Officer Bralik -- Geologist -- Female Ferengi

Lieutenant Pral glasch Haaj -- Counselor -- Male Tellarite

Lieutenant Huilan Sen'kara -- Counselor -- Male S'ti'ach

Ensign Torvig Bu-Kar-Nguv -- Engineer -- Male Choblik

Hey there everyone! I know I've been a bit quiet as of late but there's a good reason, I promise! In fact, I'm here to talk about this particular reason. That being, that I've begun the process of starting my professional online profile. Facebook fan page, business cards, crowdfunding campaigns, the whole sha-bang.

Why am I doing this? Well because I'm a writer and I want to be ready when it comes time to see my work become published. Not only am I working to start a fanbase and contacts but to be interactive with the most important people in the industry. The fans. It is important to me that my work becomes something that people will enjoy so if there's anyway that I can get a bunch of you excited and involved then it's better for everyone.

So for the time being, I'll be posting little tidbits both here and on my fan page that give an exclusive look into the new and exciting worlds that I'll be bringing to life over the next few years.

Like HERE on Facebook for the good stuff! 

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